100% Organic Farming

Our wonderful suppliers obtain CBD oil from a high-grade strain of proprietary hemp that is simply unmatched in the industry. Grown in the nutrient-rich soils of Colorado, the hemp never sees even a single drop of pesticide. Using the most advanced hemp farming techniques, our process is much more involved than our competitors, but in the end we get to offer a truly premium product to our customers.


Processing The Hemp

Once the hemp is harvested, it’s taken directly to a warehouse for storage and processed into the appropriate product, that’s shipped to our supplier, also in Colorado. Everything is done right here in the USA and our customers appreciate it.


Special Extraction

Our suppliers use a proprietary method of extracting the most beneficial properties of the hemp plant, that way our customers get to enjoy the benefits of extra phytocannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids and flavonoids that all contribute to bettering one’s health. That means you get the best full spectrum CBD product you can possibly find.

Our hemp oil contains a staggering 112 cannabinoids, among those specifically include: CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC and THCA. Because it contains so many more cannabinoids than our competitors, you get to enjoy extended health benefits that you won’t see elsewhere. We’re proud that we can offer this level of product. It makes us so much more passionate about what we do!



Distilling The Oil

Once the extraction processes are completed, the oil is distilled. This process makes sure the hemp oil is separated from the food-grade ethanol after extraction. Our supplier is one of very few in the USA who use food-grade ethanol for this. Again, it’s more expensive on the back-end, but it allows us to offer premium product.


Removing The THC

One of our huge selling points and what makes Lively Owl CBD oil so attractive, compared to the rest, is that our products are 100% THC free. This means no worrying about surprise drug tests and no psychoactive “high” feeling like one gets from ingesting or inhaling THC.

Another proprietary process is used to extract every single trace of THC from our products. Not only do we remove THC, the process also removes: wax, chlorophyll, and plant pigments, giving you the purest product we can possibly offer. And because it’s THC-free, we can ship across state lines or even out of the country without any problem whatsoever!


Rigorous Testing

Every batch of CBD oil and product from our supplier is tested in state-of-the-art labs for quality control purposes. Keep in mind that many CBD companies do not take this extra step, as it does incur a higher cost on our end. But those companies also can’t offer the consistent, pure product that we do, so we think it’s more than worth it. Every passing batch receives a Certificate of Analysis and another certificate for quality assurance.

Side note: Not one single batch has tested below our shockingly high standards!



Perhaps one of the most attractive qualities of our CBD oil products is the fact that our suppliers use a nano emulsion process that essentially makes the oil drops super small. Compared to our competitor’s CBD oil particles, which are between 150 and 5000 nanometers in size, our particles are 25-60. This small size gives them better bioavailability, which makes for unprecedented absorption rates.

This also means that our customers can use less of our product (which saves you money) to reap the same level of benefits as the products offered by many of our competitors. How cool is that?