First of all, thank you for giving us a chance at earning your business.

The CBD industry is exploding as we move further into 2019 and the number of suppliers out there is absolutely overwhelming for most of those new to the CBD world. We started this company with the goal of becoming the leading resource for both CBD-related information and CBD products, because the industry is jam-packed with amateurs and quite frankly, too many bad actors.

Our thought is that if we do our part — educate our future customers, sell premium product and provide top-notch customer service at the same time — then we can be the positive force that this industry needs so badly right now.

We’re so lucky to have found and partnered with the best (literally) raw CBD suppliers in the biz — without them, Lively Owl would be nothing more than an empty domain name. Instead, we’re thriving, and our customers are living better lives. To us, that’s everything. Making our customers happy, keeping them healthy and educating them on the latest and greatest CBD-related news is what makes us jump out of bed in the morning, ready to work and serve you.

So if you’re ready to finally experience a better quality of life with pharmaceutical-grade CBD oils and products, give us a shot. We know you’ll be impressed.